Sunday, 31 January 2010

POST 21 #

my wallpaper has finally been put up, so im very happy. it makes my room look so different. i just have to find some bed covers now and put my new shelves up which will hopefully be done within the next 2 weeks and then my room is finally complete after a year of being in it! i'll put up a picture of my room like it is at the moment tomorrow because its a bit untidy now.
i had my little interveiw/meeting with Nicky yesturday for working at the UK HipHop Championships next month. it sounds like its going to be a really busy weekend when she explained it all. hopefully we get like a hoodie from the merchandice to keep, suposidly they're really nice as well.
i have my Sport for Health festival on tuesday in Bishop Stortford. its a bit of a journey for me but its going to be a good day working and coaching younger kids. and of course, it goes straight on my CV for work experience. im so glad i got involved with the saracens project because the ammout of experience work i get out of them is just truely amazing. still cant wait for Wembley on the 13th.

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