Saturday, 16 January 2010

POST 1 #

finally decided to start up a blog. im sure give it a few weeks this will be forgotten about too, because im like that you see, i start something with a passion and then lose all interest in it.

if you’re wondering what the title of blog is about i guess i should explain…
my life is full of me repeating the same mistakes over and over, i just never seem to learn. so i borrowed my little brother thesaurus and decided to find two fancy words for ‘continuous mistakes’, and, well ‘endless lapse’ is what it became.

im not planning on holding anything back on this blog. soon enough you’ll know my deepest, darkest secrets, or at least close to them. though for certain reasons i may not tell you certain people’s names, i’ll come up with some sort of code so you can still understand what the hell im babbling on about in future posts. but i will warn you now, a lot of my babbling is over guys.

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