Monday, 25 January 2010

POST 14 #

i've chosen a wallpaper to put up as a feature wall in my room. my room is so plain, it needed a bit more colour but i hadn't found a wallpaper that i really liked that wouldn't just make the room darker. its a really nice floral pattern, white background, black vines n bright pink flower heads. its nice and bold so suits my room perfectly.

i've also got a massive picture frame, about a metre and half long and like 75cm to a metre width. its going on my opposite wall so i can pile pictures of me, my friends and family in like scrapbook formation.

tomorrow im going to have to start clearing the rubish in my room ready for the decorating. but then my room will finally be finished and all i'll need to buy are some new shelves, but im still not sure where to put them.

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