Sunday, 17 January 2010

POST 3 #

i realized i missed a massive part about myself yesterday. now you can laugh, cry, whatever you want, but its what it is. im head over heels in love.
now im not worried about talking about this guy because he knows how i feel about him, so there’s nothing to hide.

this is Kevin, he’s 23 now and he’s a lifeguard at my local swimming pool. i know he looks daft in this picture, but he's not much of a picture person really. we got talking in august last year after i split with my boyfriend at the time, Alex, after a year and a half.
i think it’s probably been since end of october when my heart started to skip every second beat. i find it really difficult to get through just over a day without texting him at least once. im sure he gets annoyed with it at times but he never shrugs me off.
he's leaving for three weeks tomorrow for a friend’s wedding in Australia, so it limits me being able to text him so much i guess. i can see the next three weeks being pretty hard to get through.

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