Monday, 8 March 2010

POST 31 #

got my hair cut today. no different in style as im growing it, just sorted out split ends and what nots. i still wear my extentions a lot of the time so i had to get my last few layers really thin so they blend in.
tomorrow im off to one of my ex's house to see his mum and nan. we still get along really well -me, his mum and nan.. not me and him- we havent got along since we broke up. he ruined my life so i have no respect for him anymore. the fact that he is still spreading rumours around about me makes it even worse. he hasnt changed since we split, and if he has he's just become worse. i never think ive changed but when i think how i was with him i definatly have changed a lot!

heres me and 2 of my closest friends at Shakeaway - the best milkshake place in England - i look like a total morron so dont comment saying that, i can see!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

POST 30 #

heyy guys. sorry again for being away so long. i know you've been longing to listen to my nagging voice again. i've been pretty swapped with work and college assignments recently, plus my dad decided to put a timer of only 2 hours a day on my computer. harsh much!