Tuesday, 18 January 2011

POST 56 #

YAY. so my package arrived this morning. was so happy when i heard the doorbell ring because i knew what it was before i even got to the end of the stairs. washed my hair with it today because i was so impacient. it was a nice smell, seemed to make my hair feel a little dry bedore i put conditioner in but ive found that in most good shampoos so wasnt worried. i was convinced at first that my hair was thicker and lighter already but then i remembered my hair does that from time to time anyway.
so the count down starts today i guess. im going for 2 months with the first bottle to give me nearly 2 inches. then the second bottle for the next 2 months to total it to 3 and half inches.
guidelines say wash hair daily, but i'll only be doing it every 2 days, now and then daily if i have time to waste washing my hair. so im not predicted the high growth they say but will just have to see.
sorry for looking such a mess, it was the morning and i'd jus woken up.

Monday, 17 January 2011

POST 55 #

so according to the email i got this morning at 5am my order has been dispatched today and should be with me in 1 to 3 days. so im a happy bunny today. thats all. night bloggers.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

POST 54 #

not that you can tell the length of my hair properly from this photo, but gives you an indication i guess, and updates you on my look. as you can tell my layers are all over the place so they do need to be cut and sorted out when i can next be bothered to go to the salon.

POST 53 #

so i have a lot of shopping to get done before this holiday as i've put on weight since last summer. as soon as the weather gets a bit nicer i'll be out either jogging or on my bike again to try get more into shape before the summer. so my hair is sorted hopefully. starting to try grow my nails out so i dont spend a fortune on gels or acrylics this summer. may have a few sunbed sessions when it comes round to march time, not that it did much last year. more of me talking crap soon. dont miss it too much!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

POST 52 #

so my boyfriend is booking us a holiday for the summer. i really cannot wait. the place looks just wonderful, and im surprised its not as expensive as it looks. its Lopesan Boabob in Maspolomas, Gran Canaria. we are going for 2 weeks in the sun, just me and him. im sure going to have to pay my way back to showing him the same love afterwards. so this place is just lovely, have a look at these pictures...

 wonderfull dont you think?
5 star, all inclusive, 8 swimming pools! im hoping so much i get a good tan out there.

so okay, enough of talking about it. the reason i brought it up was becuase of my hair. yes very strange but it makes sence. you all know i coplain about my hair not growing, and it probably annoys most of you to death. and i found a growth product about a year ago now but never brought it because i thought maybe if i treated my hair better it would grow better, but i never treated it better. so this product is called F.A.S.T which stands for Fortified Amino acid Scalp Therapy. I've only ever come across 3 bad reveiws for it but every other i have read says they've experienced massive growth compared to normal. Now hair grows 0.5 inches a month on average, mine grows probably 0.3/0.4, its so slow! but this product is ment to make hair grow up to 45% faster, which in turn should grow an average of just under 1 inch a month. yes i am still going somewhere with this and the hoiday. so i really wanted long hair this summer, which is why i havent trimmed it as much and used heat protection products ect. so i brought the F.A.S.T shampoo today online and will be arriving withing a week suposidly. i may trim my hair into shape before i start using it but i havent decided yet. but i'll br blogging about my hair growth with this product every 2 weeks from the start and will only last for aroung 2/3 months unless i see a great improvement and i decide to buy more, as it is expessive. but im looking at my hair to grow an average of at least 3 inches (including 1 trim, so probably end up of 4 inches growth) before the holiday, which is 5 months away. so in 5 months normal growth should be 2.5 inches but with using F.A.S.T i should grow 4/5 inches, so it should be no problem reaching my goal. will keep you updated with pictures throught the 3 months.

POST 51 #

heyy guys. so sorry i haven't blogged in months but i truely have just forgotten. i will be on much more now as i finally have a laptop so i can blog last thing at night or early in the morning if need be. i have a few posts to write up today and tomorrow so i better get started on them. hoipe you all had a wonderfull christrmas, and keep reading.