Wednesday, 28 July 2010

POST 44 #

two more photography pictures, which this time i haven't edited because im not sure what effect to put on them. i was walking through the woods on the way to see my friends one afternoon and i thought, i dont have many bark'y photos.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

POST 43 #

so im single again boys! me and my boyfriend finished yesturday because hes getting stressed out and ill. because most of my friends are guys he doesnt exactly trust them and its making him worry, so we ended it for now. and yes i do still like vish, some more everyday. we get along so well and he's the sweetest guy i've met in a while. just a few problems stoppping us though, his best mate mark likes me. and for boys thats a big deal so vish wont do anything in public because we keeping it on the down low. he likes me as well but because of the 'rule' thing that boys have with girls we cant really see eachother. we're both finding it really hard when we're out with our friends in a group because we both just want to be left alone. its like tonight, we're going to a little sort of party at my mates. theres going to be over twenty people there and we're only alowed in the front and back room so theres no way we're going to get any time alone tonight.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

POST 42 #

found out something that kind of made me jump back today but at the same time smile. a new mate, vish, who i've mentioned before admitted he likes me. which for me used to be very few people, and ive changed a lot in the two years. i get noticed much more now, which i guess is nice but it makes me just want to get better and better. ive been using many more girly products n i will hardly ever go out if i dont think i look some what beautiful. i just want to look better and better.
now this will show you how much ive changed, i think its a big change, but i guess you can always see similarities. the one on the left was taken in october last year, and the right was taken last month, so june. both taken on just an average day.

POST 41 #

went asda today with mum and my brother. i only went because i wanted to get few things and i dont trust them buying the foods i like. but i still seemed to come out with a new pair of sandals, which i do love, peter andres oler biography and an exercise ball, which as im typing this im sitting on it. have been working out on it for the last hour. i really do think im going to be back in shape very soon. unless i get bored of this as well, just like everything else.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

POST 40 #

so ive made new friends this month as well. starting to relax a bit more. getting back late hours and night, drinking and just generally having a laugh. now your 'having a laugh' maybe totally different to mine but either way it makes us happy right?
well have a look at this, one my new mates being.. well himself!
he is wearing at least one item of mine in every photo. obviously the glasses, the sun glasses and my jacket. and you'd be surprised that the jacket doesnt seem to feel stretched or anything. it feels the same size. high five for leather!!

POST 39 #

right so i've done a little bit more photography, not too keen on this but heyy i guess there is always bad days.
so this was taken just down the road from me. i live in a quiet place and as i was walking home i saw the sun hitting the field and it just looked perfect.