Tuesday, 13 April 2010

POST 35 #

updating. . .
updating. . .
updating. . .
..what to write though?
oh baby, i be stuck to you like glue baby,
wanna spend it all on you baby,
my room is the G spot,
call me mr. flintstone,
i can make your bed rock
sorry but those lyrics are just the boom right now. its what im listening to right this moment so you can see why its the first thing i thought of.

sometimes guys can get so confusing! do they not know how hard it is for us to read their signs. errrr i can get wound up. yes i still like dave and i have no idea what he thinks of me at the moment. i think he still wants to stay mates but thats not what all his friends are telling me.

and just so he doesnt feel left out...

Sunday, 11 April 2010

POST 34 #

Saturday, 3 April 2010

POST 33 #

had a bit of fun yesturday with my little sister. we just took loads of photos. i liked some of them, they turned out really good. will probably print and send some out to the family as they all complaining they dont have any recent photos of me.
easter tomorrow! lots of chocolate.. wonderful! im slowly drifting away from iking chocolate, probably cos of all the creme eggs im had recently. stupid cheap deals in college!

POST 32 #

was one of my best mates 18th birthday last week aswell. seems like it was ages ago now but really wasn't. it was a good night. went to a rave in memory of a mates brother who died last year. was so tierd the morning after. neck was hurting and hardly slept. but heyy, thats how you can tell you had a good night right?