Saturday, 16 January 2010

POST 2 #

wow, im back already, see what I mean about passion?
i thought today, for those that don’t know me, i’ll tell you a bit about myself.
simple things first i guess.
hopefully you’ve already guessed im a girl, if not you must be thinking im a camp guy or something. but yes i am female, and still in my teen years. i turned 18 in september, and i’ll say it now, 18 is just like every other year of your life, it’s nothing big.
my family is average i guess; mum, dad, brother, sister and me. yes i have two annoying little brats as siblings, brother is 13 and sister is 10. im not like any of my family really, i take after my dad with my sarcastic sense of humor but that’s it.

i love my sports. i don’t follow teams very well, i like actually playing the sport myself. so of course im in college taking a sport course. when im older i want to be a physiotherapist in a premiership team, in any sport really but most likely football.

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