Saturday, 6 November 2010

POST 49 #

righteo then. i have the time to update my blog so best do it.
i'll go through the points i last stated. its easier for me to remember where i am them and i dont bable to long.

1. so me and vish had to finish what we had. now it wasnt because either of us didnt like the other or anything like that, it is about mark inturupting and us not being able to move on. we ended badly i guess and even now ive only seen and spoken to him once but i now know everythings over there and ive moved along and i would have guessed he has as well.

2. yes college has returned. and okay i really have been so lazy the past month and im falling really far behind which is why i guess i hate it right now. not much more to say here.

3. the new guy. is now my amazing boyfriend. yes it was quick so what? it was kind of like love at first sight i guess. well it was for him, me it was at second because i didnt really remember him when i first saw him. but yes my new boyfriend is Paul Brown and i love him so much. it feels weird i guess to find someone so fast and have all thse feelings for them but i guess you never know what 'love at first sight' is until it actually happens to you. we've spent nearly every day together since we started meetin up again and then finally getting together. thinking off the top of my head the longest we've been apart has been 3 days so far. and i must say after that i was so desperate to see him i could have possibly cried myself to sleep if i had to wait any longer. hes everything i ever wanted and he treats me just right. hes so sensitive and he knows exactly how to make me smile. i know he's never going to hurt me because he knows how it feels to be treated in that way, and i dont even need to say im never going to hurt him because i know i couldnt lay a bad finger towards him even if i tried. we've had our petty arguments but there sorted out so quickly because we know what we have. and i do hope that it will never end because at the moment even a lifetime feels so short a time to be with him.

okay getting back to blogging..
4. new phone. Alcatel. peices of shit really but will get me through till i choose a nwe one and have the money for it.

5. and of course the family problems still exsist. sometimes i wish they would just leave for italy faster. am getting sick of waiting around for them to choose somewhere.

so blogging session over for today i think?
you can wake up now.
sorry to bore u.

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