Tuesday, 12 October 2010

POST 48 #

well theres so much to write but im so tired i dont want to go into so much detail, but will bullet the main things.
1. me and vish are totally over, and havent spoken for nearly a month properly now.
2. im back at college now and i actually hate it in a way, not sure i want to do sports anymore, its boring me.
3. i may have found a new guy, really sweet, but just broken up with his girlfriend.
4. i have another new phone, my tocco lite went completely bust the other week and i lost all my contacts, still trying to get them back now.
5.just had such a crappy weekend with my family and am most likely have to do it all again next sunday with the ther half.
so when i get round to being back online i will explain most of them in more detail i guess. it may be boring, it may be interesting, who knows?

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