Tuesday, 27 July 2010

POST 43 #

so im single again boys! me and my boyfriend finished yesturday because hes getting stressed out and ill. because most of my friends are guys he doesnt exactly trust them and its making him worry, so we ended it for now. and yes i do still like vish, some more everyday. we get along so well and he's the sweetest guy i've met in a while. just a few problems stoppping us though, his best mate mark likes me. and for boys thats a big deal so vish wont do anything in public because we keeping it on the down low. he likes me as well but because of the 'rule' thing that boys have with girls we cant really see eachother. we're both finding it really hard when we're out with our friends in a group because we both just want to be left alone. its like tonight, we're going to a little sort of party at my mates. theres going to be over twenty people there and we're only alowed in the front and back room so theres no way we're going to get any time alone tonight.

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