Sunday, 25 July 2010

POST 42 #

found out something that kind of made me jump back today but at the same time smile. a new mate, vish, who i've mentioned before admitted he likes me. which for me used to be very few people, and ive changed a lot in the two years. i get noticed much more now, which i guess is nice but it makes me just want to get better and better. ive been using many more girly products n i will hardly ever go out if i dont think i look some what beautiful. i just want to look better and better.
now this will show you how much ive changed, i think its a big change, but i guess you can always see similarities. the one on the left was taken in october last year, and the right was taken last month, so june. both taken on just an average day.

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  1. as if i missed these you absolutely Gorgeous girl! :)