Tuesday, 18 January 2011

POST 56 #

YAY. so my package arrived this morning. was so happy when i heard the doorbell ring because i knew what it was before i even got to the end of the stairs. washed my hair with it today because i was so impacient. it was a nice smell, seemed to make my hair feel a little dry bedore i put conditioner in but ive found that in most good shampoos so wasnt worried. i was convinced at first that my hair was thicker and lighter already but then i remembered my hair does that from time to time anyway.
so the count down starts today i guess. im going for 2 months with the first bottle to give me nearly 2 inches. then the second bottle for the next 2 months to total it to 3 and half inches.
guidelines say wash hair daily, but i'll only be doing it every 2 days, now and then daily if i have time to waste washing my hair. so im not predicted the high growth they say but will just have to see.
sorry for looking such a mess, it was the morning and i'd jus woken up.

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