Sunday, 1 August 2010

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so just six more days and im going to be on holiday. two and a half lovely weeks in america; five days in new york, week in orlando and a week in miami. i really want to get a nice golden tan this summer, darker than the others so it doesnt fade as quickly. i cant wait. obviously im going to miss all my friends because i've been having the time of my life recently and i have them to thank for it. they've kept me going through all my downs and still helping my to pull through.
still doing my teeth whitening routine, i have seen a difference but now its starting to slow down the changes. its obviously scraped off the main stains and i guess its now working on the tough ones. just a little further and at least i'll be happy with them again, and will slowly stop being so mad about brushing them after every meal i possibley can.
nails aregrowing well now. using a strengthener as well as having all my vitamin supplements everyday, including the ones for my hair. my hair seems to be growing still, much slower than it did when it was shorter but hopefully it keeps growing. i predicted it to grow another inch by november/december time, and hopfully by start of summer next year it will have grown to just about how far i'll be happy with again, and then next december be perfect length finally. feel like counting down the months, just one year from now will do my fine. i wont be dying it again untill september most likely, probably do it fresh for college next year.
so hopefully by start of summer next year, i'll have the tan i want, the nails i want and the hairs i want. only thing left, The Boobs!! i dont hate mine, like shape wise or shit, i just wish they were bigger. i wish i could just hav a boob job and im done, but two problems with that; i dont have the money, and theres no way mum would pay because she doesnt believe in changing body parts and stuff. helpfull or what!! i was thinking about trying out a product called 'perfect c' which sells a form of pills which increase your bust up to three cups, which is perfect. all i want is a 34C and i'll be perfectly happy. and they cost around £200 for a 6 month supply, which supposidly can increase at least one cup size by then, and its all natural. its always worth a try when you think, you're paying £3000 for a boob job and only £200 could work using pills and its more natural. just going to have to get a job, earn some money and buy them now.

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