Sunday, 7 February 2010

POST 25 #

sorry i haven't been blooging for the last few days. i've been so rushed off my feet and haven't had much time on the computer. i was going to sign up for the mobile blogging but then i thought there wasn't going to be much point. if i want to post anything important i'd end up writing loads.
i was in town friday night with a few guys. was a good night, had a right laugh. should be going up at the end of this month for another mates birthday, need to save up some cash.
its getting so close to the wembley match now. just 6 days away, i really cant wait. hopefully it doesn't end up raining or snowing. hopefully its a fairly warm day, i dont want to be working in freezing temperatures.
oh and i got my picture frame for my wall and some glass shelves so hopefully i can get them up fairly soon.
and Kevins back tomorrow night.

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